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At RavenTek, development expertise runs deep. Like no other. We are commercial real estate, engineering, and construction knowledge leaders and constantly stay on the forefront of domestic and global industry trends. Put simply, when clients, potential clients and industry influences think of RavenTek, they think “development and construction experts.”


On the road to success, we’ve passed many important milestones. Join us on the journey from the Project Management firm started in 2006 to the full service commercial real estate, engineering, and construction company we have grown into today. It’s a trip we couldn’t have taken without the people most critical to our business: our clients.


RavenTek, Inc. highly values the character of each team member. More than talent, experience and expertise, character is not something that can be acquired or taught. To be a part of our company, we require that you be a person of upstanding and outstanding character.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and believe in the power of many people working together. We are committed to respecting differences and achieving our common goals.

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